The soap for visibly good hygiene.

Product video
VisiSoap explained in one minute
With VisiSoap you wash your hands intuitively and correctly. Every time again. We show exactly how this works in the video
The problem
We can’t see germs.
We can't see if we're washing properly either.
often forgotten
forgotten very often
The Solution
VisiSoap shows us what we keep forgetting.
This makes washing your hands very easy.
This is how it works:
1Apply soap
2All yellow?
3Rinse hands
4All clean?
5Feel good


Naturally, natural!
100% natural dyes.

VisiSoap® incorporates a great deal of know-how that enables unique product features worldwide. For example, VisiSoap is the first visible soap based 100% on high-quality natural colorants. Thanks to high-quality ingredients, such as particularly mild surfactants and the absence of allergens and other substances of concern, VisiSoap also has very good skin compatibility.
100% vegan
99% natural
free of mineral oil, parabens, silicates, silicones etc.
mild surfactants
pH skin neutral
temporarily visible

No colour residues

Friendly to the skin, friendly to the sink.

Frequent questions

Is VisiSoap® suitable for children?
Absolutely! Children can learn how to wash their hands in a fun way (small children please in the presence of adults). With VisiSoap, a visit to the washbasin is always a fun experience for young and old.
I got VisiSoap on my clothes 
What now?
Don't panic. VisiSoap® contains pure natural dyes that decolourise by themselves when exposed to air and light.

If you want it to go faster: Rinse fresh stains with water and a suitable detergent (e.g. soap). Put textiles with dried stains into the washing machine. In rare cases, slight discolourations remain, which disappear completely after 2 to 3 days.
Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
Why is washing your hands so important?
We transmit about 80% of all infectious diseases with our hands. Thorough hand washing with soap and water is therefore the most effective protection against diseases - for ourselves and, of course, for our fellow human beings.
I have colour residue on my skin. How do I get rid of it?
Colour residues show you where you have not rinsed the soap (and the germs dissolved in it) thoroughly enough. For some people, this can even lead to skin problems. So it's time to fix this problem once and for all!

Basically, you should put about as much effort into rinsing off the soap as you do into lathering up. Also, if you do this under running water, soap residue will never be a problem again:
Can I use VisiSoap® every day?
Of course! You can use VisiSoap every time you wash your hands and always be sure that nothing has escaped.
VisiSoap is mild, pH-neutral, free of allergens, effective against germs and gentle on your hands.
Can VisiSoap discolour my sink?
No. VisiSoap is extremely kind to your sink. Even thick soap blobs can be easily rinsed off the sink and taps without leaving any discolouration.
What should I do if VisiSoap® does not colour sufficiently?
You need to use enough soap for VisiSoap to colour well. Adults need 1-2 full pumps - depending on the size of their hands.

You should also use VisiSoap at a sink that is well lit. Daylight is the best way to see which parts of the skin you have already soaped.
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